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1. Right to Health

2. Right to Social Security


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Network Seminar:

Right to Health, and Right to Social Security

Uinversity of Essex, Colchester, 27-28 April 2004

The fifth Expert Network Seminar of the EU-China Human Rights Network was held on 27-28 April 2004 at the Human Rights Centre at Essex University in Colchester, United Kingdom. This seminar addressed the topic of Right to Health and the Right to Social Security.
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List of Participants

Report and Recommendations

1.   Right to Health

André Pereira, "HIV/AIDS - Legal aspects"  
Brigit Toebes, "The Right to Health in the Netherlands: A Case Study"  
Elvira Domínguez Redondo, "Bioethics and Human Rights: The Challenge of Universal Standard Setting in the Context of the Human Genome Project"    
Judith Bueno de Mesquita, "Background Paper: The Right to Health of Women"    
Julian Sheather, "The Role of Professional Associations in Promoting 'the Right to Health' and Other Human Rights"  
Marco Pedrazzi, "International Standards on the Right to Health and Non-Discrimination"    
Noam Lubell, "Health Professionals within the Prison System: Their Role in Protecting the Right to Health and Other Human Rights"    
Peter Hall, "The Role and Responsibility of Health Professionals"    
Dong Wenyong, "Standards for the Right to Health and Conditions Necessary for its Realization"  
Huang Yong, "Human Rights Protection in Crisis Management Improvement: Measures and Experience in Dealing with Public Health Crisis in China"  
Liu Hainian, "Right to Health and Responsibilities of Governments"  
Zhang MingJie, "Responsibilities and Roles of the Government in AIDS Prevention and Treatment"  
Zhang Yue, "Legal Guarantees to the Right to Health in China"  
Working Paper: "The Right to Health"

2.   Right to Social Security

Maria-Theresia Roehsler, "Equal Treatment and Socal Security"  
Matti Mikkola, "Right to Social Security in Europe"  
Padraic Kenna, "International Standards and Mechanisms on the Right to Social Security"    
Liu Cuixiao, "Social Security and Vulnerable Group in China"  
Liu RongJun, "Judiciary Remedies on China Social Security"  
Zhao Yong, "Poverty Elimination and Social Security System"  
Zou Hailin, "The Reform and Development of Social Security System in China"  
Working Paper: "The Right to Social Security"

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