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Gender and Law


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Network Seminar:

Gender and Law

Beijing, 26-27 September 2004

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List of Participants

Gender and Law

Dalibor Jílek, "Obligations of the State: Active Action"  
Eilis Ward, "Making the Unimaginable Possible: the International Women's Movement and Women's Human Rights"  
Giovanna Adinolfi, "CEDAW and its Implementation"  
Ingrid Gubbay, "The Right to Work in 'Just and Favorable Conditions': A Discussion of Measures Toward Realisation of the Elimination of Workplace Sexual Harassment"  
Ioanna Babassika, "Right to Life and Health and Principals of Equality and Non-Discrimination"  
Jonas Grimheden, "Case Law from Europe on Gender Equality"  
Kati Frostell, "Substantive Equality and Non-Discrimination Law"  
Mari-Liis Sepper, "Has Legal Reform in European Union New Member States Concerning Gender Equality been Successful?"  
Péter Kovács, "How does Women's Human Rights Enter into the Field of Human Rights?"  
Cao Xianfeng, "Gender in Civil Law"  
Chen Mingxia, "Safeguard of Women's Personal Rights"  
Guo Huimin, "The Issue of Gender and Woman's Rights - Including discussion of the legal analyzing method for gender"  
Huang Lie, "Convention on Eliminating all forms of Discrimination against Women and Its Application"  
Li Zhong, "Practice and Reflections on Women's Right to Receive an Education in China (Outline)"  
Liu Wenhua, "Human Rights from Perspective of Gender Equality: The Significance of ICCR and Its Relation with China"  
Wang Liping, "Right to Life and Health of Women from Perspective of Social Gender"  
Wang Xigen/ Zhan Hongfeng, "On Woman's Right to Development and its Legal Protection"  
Xia Yinlan, "Review of Division Means for Property in Divorce under the Framework of International Human Right"  
Xue Ninglan, "Current Status of Chinese Women's Participation into Political Affairs and Its Legal Guarantee"  
Ye Jingyi, "China Women's Labor Rights Protection under the Framework of International Conventions (Compendium)"  
Zhou Wei, "The Right to Work and Its Realization in China - Chinese laws concerning anti-discrimination of employment and their development"  
Zhu Xiaoqing, "Principles of Equality and Non-Discrimination in European Convention on Human Rights"  
Working Paper: "The Right to Education & Political Affairs, and the Principles of Equality & Non-Discrimination"  
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